This will be good for me


We're running away to the desert. OK not so much running, as visiting, and we were invited. I'll be without internet access for a week or so, so I'm bringing books, some hand sewing and a positive attitude. We're also bringing the contents of our CSA bin because even desert visitors need fresh veggies.


Oh and these are completely unrelated pictures of our day at Oaks Park. And yes, that's my daredevil daughter riding the rollercoaster while Holden and I stayed on the safety of flat, non-turbulent ground.

She can only aspire (because she's too short to ride)

Anyway, here's what became of last week's veggies:

Scapes: Goat cheese + scape grilled pizza. Good in concept, but I did something entirely wrong with the scapes because they came out very, very not tender. Sad, because I think that was our only allotment.

Potatoes: Oven potato fries, a kid favorite.

Cauliflower: Sauteed with indian spices. YUM.

Basil: Pesto, and some in lentil pasta.

Everything else was either eaten raw in salads & such (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions) or inhaled on the spot (strawberries, snap peas).

This week we received:
more peas + strawberries (yay!)
potatoes (yukon gold)
salad mix

And...we're off. Have a lovely week everyone!!



Mary Beth said...

What gorgeous colorful photos! Wow!

I do think some time away from the computer is nice. You can really settle in with your books and handwork without the niggling thought of "I wonder who's posting online right now" or any of that sort of thing.

The veggie box sounds yummy, you healthy eaters.

MystikMomma said...

I also receive a CSA box here locally. I received kale for the second time and the boys DO NOT like it in soup. I doubt they would like it sauteed either. Any other suggestions for using this green?

Julie said...

Have fun! Say hi to anyone we know. We have internet access here if you want to come visit...

melissa s. said...

Hi MystikMomma:
Yes, doesn't kale seem to be the ubiquitous CSA bin occupant? I add it to everything: chop it finely and throw it in pasta sauce, curries, stews, soups, taco meat, burritos, grain salads. Eat it raw in green salads. I've even been known to slap it into a peanut butter sandwich (my kids actually eat it). It really is an amazingly nutritious food, so I decided to work out our differences ;-) Good luck!!

Jessica said...

That CSA box sounds like it was completely full of deliciousness! I stopped at the farmer's market for the first week this week (it just began) and came home with tasty treats. Time away is always perfect and just what is needed. Enjoy your desert time!

MystikMomma said...

Okay, I will try to just chop it up and mix it in. Not certain about the peanut butter sandwiches though... smile!

lisa s said...

have a GREAT trip [away from internet is GOOD]

i love E... and that she loves roller coasters... what a cutie!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Love your pictures of the kids! too cute :) Have a good time away!!

Journeying Five said...

love your pictures! they capture the day at the park perfectly!

kraftykash said...

Your kids are so cute! My daughter Korby LOVEs all the rides! Finally last year she ws tall enough and fit snuggly inside them.

Enjoy your desert trip!

Simply Stork said...

oh what wonderful photos...what fun they look like they had :o)


nicola said...

have fun!