Giveaway winner!

Wow! So many super sweet comments on my giveaway, thanks! Random.org says Maricris from Zen Ventures is the winner:
Maricris Zen Mama said...

unoriginal or not, I love it! So please count me in!

Congrats, enjoy and happy June to everyone!!


MaricrisG said...

Hey Melissa! I'm so blown away by the fact that I just found out that I won today! Craaazzzzzyyyy!!! I found your email to me in my spam box. I usually delete them w/o browsing through it but today, for some ODD reason, I check each one. GLAD I DID!!! Oh so thank you. Not sure, I'm still eligible for the prize being it so long ago. I hope I still am. I just sent you an email. If I'm still eligible then, I'll email you my address. Thanks again!!!


MaricrisG said...

AND oh if my prize isn't forfeited yet, I would love to have the black floral combo! woohoo!