Endings and starts


Today was the end of year celebration at Holden’s preschool. He got a little verklempt on the way home when the true meaning of “last day of school” finally sunk in. But, promises of a blossoming summer and keeping in touch with preschool friends cheered him up.


On the other end of the spectrum, we picked up our first beloved CSA box of the season today. It’s overflowing with promise of fresh, local, organic veggie-inspired meals. I’m most excited to try some veggieness on the grilled pizzas we’ve been obsessed with consuming in very large quantities lately. I’m thinking garlic scape and goat cheese pizza tomorrow…that is, if I can keep my little garlic scape lover from eating them all first.


So with preschool behind us and a box of veggie goodness at our feet, I’m excited to embark on another season of Veg Friday. Like last season, I’ll attempt to document our fearless journey through CSA veggie-eating whilst conjuring up clever Veg Friday post titles each week (aka, the hard part). This year we’re receiving a full share of veggies rather than a half, but we’ve forgone planting a garden in favor of finishing our house renovation so I think it will all balance out in the end.

Once again, I’m determined to see No Veggie Left Behind (or, put in the compost pile). Care to join me?

In the bin this week:
Red leaf lettuce
Snap peas
Sweet onions
Garlic scapes (aka whistles)
‘Red gold’ new potatoes


Journeying Five said...

looks so yummy! how do you make your grilled pizzas without them falling threw and sticking?

kraftykash said...

Im kicking myself daily for not starting a garden this year. That pizza sounds wonderful! Will your son start Kindergarten in the fall?

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Yum! I need to look into our csa . . . last year this time I ddin't have a car to pick up.

Jessica said...

1: I love the word 'verklempt'
2: Your CSA box is making me envious!

melissa s. said...

Hi Journeying Five. I couldn't find an email address for you so I hope you check back here. We use a pizza stone on the grill because I'm afraid of the dough falling through after all the work it took to make it. But, I've heard it does work without a stone. Someday, I will be brave enough to try ;-)

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