Today we were anthropologists, discovering newly unearthed relics of ancient times.


Today we were civil engineers, creating intricate tricycle pathways through cities of ants and grass and moss.


Today we were rocket scientists, building towering spaceships that flew and blasted and fought faraway space wars.


Today we were “antemologists” (as holden coined), studying the habits and antics of tiny creatures.


Today we were poets, physicists, storytellers, naturalists, lyricists and rulers of the world.

Today was a good day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Journeying Five said...

sounds like a great day! tomorrow you might need a holiday!

Julie said...

Can I come learn with you? What a fun day with great memories.

stepstep said...

super cute!!! i wanna play?!

kraftykash said...

Very creative! What a fun day. Im sure you kids loved every minute of it. They are getting so big!!

Philigry said...

i love this post, Melissa!
did the hint about the chickens work? the kids are in love with them. i know you kids would be too.

Jessica said...

That looks like the most lovely day...I'm sure even tomorrow will be even more terrific.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sounds like a most satisfying and productive day!!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Great day and super cute post! Hope today is a good one :)

lisa s said...

how much do i LOVE that tricycle path??
{so so so much}

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Oh my have they grown so big!!!

Lori said...

those are good days :^)