She's Here!!

I'm a big brother!!!
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Introducing our newest family member...my very own little sister...Esmé Claire Sheets!!! She was born February 22 - one day after my birthday and the same day as Gamma's birthday!! She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 inches long...another string bean joins the family!

See her flickr set here!

So here's baby sister's debut story for those interested. I, the toddler, have a rather limited perspective on the whole birth process, so bear with me...

2/22 11:30am: Mama, dada, Tutu and I happily shopping at Costco. Doctor calls to say delivery table available and to please proceed to the hospital. (Not exactly the traditional "Honey, it's time" scenario)

3:00pm: Mama all settled into her (not) comfy hospital bed and happily watching HGTV (special treat!). Doctor started the pitocin and everything fine and dandy. 4cm and 80% effaced.

5:20pm: In the middle of "What Not to Wear," some insane person decides to break mama's water.

5:30pm: 7cm and wanting epidoodle.

5:45pm: Wanting epidoodle NOW.

6:00pm: Get epidoodle.

6:05pm: Waiting for epidoodle to work...

6:15pm: Still waiting...

6:30pm: Get checked - 10cm and fully effaced. No epidoodle for mama today.

6:43pm: Baby sister is born!!!!!

So, a very happy ending to a not so fun labor. But baby girl was worth it! I'm a great big brother. I asked Esmé to read to me last night before bed, but it seems she still has some learning to do. Maybe next week...

Hugs to all,

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