Holden 2.0!

robot cake
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I'm finally getting around to posting my Bday party blog (yes I got mama's slacker gene). Mama decided on a Sci-fi themed party with lots and lots of robots. She realizes that although I drooled and gushed over Thomas and Elmo in the Birthday Express catalog, this very well may be the last year that she could dictate my party theme so went ahead full force (although she's already hinting about a kung-fu party for Bday #3).

So I set up a flickr set for you to peruse. It's my first ever set, so I hope I did it right...

Anyway, the party was a hit. Mama & Steppie made robot costumes for us toddlers to toddle around in. They made little felt robots for party favors. And even made the robot centerpiece to watch over everyone's food and alcohol consumption. The only thing mama FORGOT to do was videotape and take decent pictures (thanks to aunt steppie for remembering to take any pics at all!!)

So, the memory of my 2.0 release party exists happily in our minds alongside a few fuzzy pics. (Actually, the party was celebrating my pre-2.0 release as I won't actually be 2 until Feb 21. This was mama's sneaky way of getting out of throwing a bday party when she's 10 months pregnant!!)

Sweet Dreams!

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