Official 2.0 Release...

My new "bobot" shirt
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OK, so my pre-release party was a little fancier, but I still had fun today on my real bday. We opened presents, ate pizza, stuffed ourselves with bday cake and took looooong naps to sleep off our sugary highs. My favorite present was my very own robot shirt that mama sewed for me. Check out my flickr set for more pics!

Latest news on the baby front: mama's doctor wanted to induce her today, but since it’s my bday, mama thankfully talked her into tomorrow (to avoid future “it’s my birthday” “no it’s MY birthday” wars). So now baby sister's on the waiting list to be born tomorrow. I have no idea what that means… I guess the doctor calls and says, “Mel...party of 2...your delivery table is ready...” Geez!

Excuse me while I go sleep off my sugar high...

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