I'm a String Bean

I had my 2.0 doctor's appointment today: I'm 34 in. tall (50%) have a 49 cm. head (75%) and weigh 24.5 lbs (10%). I'm basically a string bean with an inflated head! I did manage to impress the doctor with my charm and wit, and giggled uncontrollably during the exam. It was all fun and games until the mean nurse came by that likes to shoot vaccines into unsuspecting toddlers. Ouch. At least I got a plastic dinasour out of the deal...

Nothing much else to report. I was such a good boy at my dr appt that mama decided to lift our house arrest and venture to OMSI for fun and frolic. Always fun times there, and I came home caked in sand from visiting the sandbox after the water fountain. Mama always forgets to do those activities in reverse (lucky me)

Oh and not that mama likes when I get shots, but I did take a loooooong peaceful nap afterwards (my signature post-vaccination nap) that she managed to finish up a few projects. I'll try to post pics soon.

Over and Out,

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