Counting down

So we are about settled into our new temporary life. We've all survived the first week of mama being home with me all day and it's actually been alot of fun! Portland helped us out a little by being sunny, bright and cheerful and allowing us to spend time at the park and go on leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Messy art class has been a toddler's dream: all the glue, glitter, pens, paper and paint that you can get your hands (and hair, and clothes...) on. And I've been able to catch up with a few friends that I lost touch with for awhile.

Alas, it will only be short lived. Mama's doctor has put us on 'house arrest' until baby sister arrives because her bud pressure is rising (couldn't have anything to do with my new "NO mommy, DADDY do it" phase, could it?) So we will just have to concoct our own messy art projects here at home and think up other creative activities to spend the remaining 11.5 hours of the day doing...Any suggestions? Mama didn't seem to go for painting and glittering the kitty...

Happy Toddeling,

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