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The feverish dash to the 25th begins!! And I do mean feverish literally as I'm recovering from my upteenth sinus infection of the year...tis the season!

A few things I'm thankful for:


2 1/2 -- I just love this age with all its excitedly incessant chatter. Esme enthusiastically exclaims as soon as I walk through the door, "I. got. the. ife. cream. cone...you. know?" in her sing-songy robot-like 2 1/2 year old way that assumes I know exactly what she's talking about when I usually don't. A quick glance around the Candyland-strewn room instantly updates me on her ramblings.

4 1/2 -- (ok, I pretty much like all the ages). Holden's ability to lose himself in imaginary dinosaur land for a 4 1/2-year-old eternity, which equals approximately 1 hour in craft time.


The beautiful collection of vintage fabric scraps from Kristena for December's 12 square block along with instructions to make a scrappy log cabin...my favorite quilty pasttime.

This bill moyers interview with michael pollan. I love pretty much everything mp says (except that he won't consider the secretary of agriculture position. sad face.)

Finding a home remedy for aforementioned sinus infection; rediscovering the wonderful feeling of breathing through my nose. ahhhh.

Esme's love for her big brother, which has recently translated into doing everything he does...including standing up to pee. Not too excited about cleaning up the aftermess, but any progress toward potty-learning is fine by me.


My etsy elves for updating my shop with new activity totes...and fabric depot for restocking my favorite Alexander Henry print (Leo the Lion, with his oh-so-soulful eyes). OK, the elves are on strike, so I'll be updating the shop myself sometime today-ish.


And finally, all the sweet new babies and babies-to-be announcements that are popping up in blogland lately which makes me want to add a new little baby of my own to my Christmas wish list this year (j/k, we're done)!


stepstep said...

ya, i think you're done. or maybe i should just mention that little tidbit of info to brina????

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It is a dash! I keep adding more projects for under the tree too! eek :) Your bags look great!

Julie said...

Have you ever tried a neti pot for your sinus infections? They are all the rage here, but I've never tried it to be honest. They sound scary and stuff, but I guess it is quite easy.
Loved seeing all your pictures of the kids playing and projects going on. We miss you guys.

Michelle said...

I know about that baby itch...my baby is now walking and looking more toddlerish than babyish. Where did my baby go?

Philigry said...

such a sweet post! glad you are feeling better. what is your home remedy? would love to know!
I am dying over here because i love your wuilt block so much. so, so much! great fabric.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Love love love the first photo!
You got some talented elves!

Jessica said...

I love, love mp! Everything he writes I read from cover to cover in days. And look at that scrappy log cabin...I need to get moving on mine!

Simply Stork said...

I am so glad to hear your feeling better :o)

the tote looks great...that is neat material.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your feeling brighter soon!! Love your latest totes - great fabric!

kraftykash said...

The bags turned out great! Enjoy the fact that your daughter is into your son now. Mine cant stand each other at this point in life! :)
We are done too, but the little ones are soo cute!