oh, snow



According to a certain, rather dramatic 4 ½ year old, today is the worst day ever because all the snow around here has melted. And after being blanketed in fluffy whiteness for a week or so, I’m also missing snow’s many personalities: feathery clumps falling swiftly into snowball and snowman-making ready piles; single dry poofs of intricately-flaked entangled masses; dart-shaped pellets of ice and snow combined.



I can’t say I miss everything about it (I admit, I haven’t driven our car since the first flurries appeared…I’m a wimp like that), but I’ll continue to romanticize its presence within our memory as Portland’s whitest Christmas ever.



As the snowfamilies melt and the city thaws and returns to its soggy, above-32 degree state, I’ll relish in the pictures and memories of our snow-filled holidays and hope for maybe a few more flurries this season…you know, to appease a little one’s wishes.



Julie said...

Tell your boy he is welcome to come visit us anytime!! It is still too early for me to complain about snow and cold, so I'll spare you. I am so glad you had a white Christmas, that is so wonderful. I'm also glad you didn't have to drive in it!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

We have lots too! You are welcome to visit :) Having a white Christmas makes it so much more festive! Watch out for that soggy thaw . . .

Lia said...

I just came across your blog from a link on Chasing Cheerios. The posts I have read so far have been wonderful. I was even more excited when I read that you live in Portland. My husband and I (+ 2 girls) are thinking of moving there. We visisted a few weeks ago, just when the snow began to fall. What a beautiful city. Sorry the snow is melting but I'm glad you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Great Etsy shop too.

Jessica said...

You know all that storm with all the snow that kept me inside and sewing last weekend? Well it all melted. On Christmas. Now there are blue skies and there just might have been a 60 degree day yesterday (unheard of in NY).

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How wonderful that you had a white Christmas!! We are sweltering over here - 101 yesterday and 100 today - wouldn't mind a bit of that snow myself! Best wishes for an extra special 2009!!

kraftykash said...

I thought of you the other day....Seattle was on the news for this record breaking snow! Stay Warm!

Tanya said...

Just what I needed to see - it's crazy hot down here right now.

Hope you have a wonderful new year.


Wendy said...

Awww I love your pictures! Those paw prints in the snow are just precious. We rarely get snow in NC, if we do it's for a day and that's it.

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Anonymous said...

I was ready for the snow to melt but now that it has, I miss it! My little one only started to enjoy the snow as it was melting. Silly kid.

Ahfat said...

Oh goosh.... the snow is really thick but it looks fun too :) I will never get this type of fun in where I live.

Rachael Rabbit said...

I love snow - it makes my heart soar - a little romantic I know .... we haven't had much in NY so far - I'm hoping for more - will you get more too - or once it melts will that be it? I hope for your 4year old there will be more before the winter is over.