stockings hung


Still snowing!


So I just keep on crafting.


Even kitty is overseeing some last minute gift-making (she's our official lap warmer).


The weather-peoples keep promising warmer temps just around the corner.


It will be a race between the warm, snow-melting temps and a whiter-than-Portland's-ever-seen Christmas.


Either way, we'll just keep on crafting, cookie-making and candyland-ing.


Because it's gotta stop sometime before July, right?...


...we shall see!


Mary Beth said...

Everything looks gorgeous, Melissa! Enjoy staying tucked in!

Anonymous said...

everything is lovely..the stockings are out of this world.

Julie said...

It looks like Martha lives at your house!! It is all so perfect, please come decorate mine. Enjoy your snow.

kraftykash said...

You should be soo proud of those stockings! Santa will have fun filling thme for sure!

Simply Stork said...

so cute :o)

Merry Christmas :o)


Anonymous said...

Your stockings look perfect! I have a stocking disaster I'm contemplating showing on my blog.

Enjoy the snow! I think it'll still be here on Christmas.

Jessica said...

Snowing equals crafts, doesn't it? I'm going to cuddle down and get some knitting/snow watching time in. Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Portland looks so beautiful!

And those stockings? I'm gobsmacked. They're adoreable!

Happy Christmas!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your stockings! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Alissa @ Creative With Kids said...

I LOVE the stockings! A Merry White Christmas to you :D

Anonymous said...

the stockings are fantastic!! :^D)

merry christmas!

Philigry said...

how did i miss this post?
I am madly in love with the stockings! so sweet!