This blog is dedicated to my new, not-so-imaginary-friend, Tico. Tico is a bear that lives under our living room couch and eats sandwiches. I haven't decided yet if he is a nice bear or a mean bear and sometimes he pops up in unusual places (in Esme's carseat, inside the inner-workings of my umbrella, etc). But, he's the newest member of our family and we're all growing to love and appreciate him.

In other news, my little sister is not so little anymore. She's actually quite the little chunk-chunk and getting more animated and fun to be around. She started sitting up a few weeks ago and is an old pro at it now. She can also skooch around on her belly to get to her newest most favoritest things in the world - TOYS!! Mama is not encouraging her efforts to crawl, as if having two small humans isn't terrifying enough...imagine when we are both mobile!! So, we're trying to keep Esme stationary for as long as possible.

Daddy is still toiling away on the NoPo house. It should be done in a couple weeks (ya, we've heard THAT one before!) and then he moves onto finishing pinky's landscaping. They tell me that someday soon I will have a small park of a backyard all to myself. Well, me and Tico, that is...

Sweet Dreams!

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