Potty Pooper

Guess who pooped on the potty tonight? Meeeeeeeee did!!

Yep, I am blowing M&D's plan to ignore potty training for awhile right out of the water (pun intended). During jammie time I told mama I needed to poop. I ignored her suggestion to go in my diaper, and instead insisted on sitting on my porta-potty. After the usual grunts and strains, we peered into the little bowl and voila -- two toddler-sized poops peered right back at us!

Mama was so excited she called daddy upstairs with the video recorder and we recorded the moment, and the two nuggets, in history. We then proceeded to flush the little guys down the toilet (M&D were quite relieved that I wasn't too attached to them and let them flush, flush away without protest).

So, tomorrow we venture to Target for an underpant quest. M&D are hoping my new My Little Pony infatuation doesn't extend to fashion accessories (but are willing to let me don MLP underpants if that's what it takes!)

Over & Out,

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