Holden Sheets, PhT

Ever-inquisitive toddler that I am, I'm beginning to question anything and everything that I encounter: Why is that man wearing a hat? Why can't I have my feet on the table at dinnertime? Why can't I put french toast on my head? And M&D are becoming quite creative answerers: ...because his ears are big. ...because they smell funny. ...because we SAID SO (not so creative).

I've also mastered the art of the long, drawn-out bedtime ritual: I ask for more [fill in the blank] water, hugs, kisses, songs, etc., pick out the longest books and ask tons of questions on each page (my "whys" come in handy here, too). And if I'm refused said water, books, answers to questions, etc., I pull out the all-time surefire way to buy more time: "Holden need to go poopoo on the potty." I think M&D are quickly losing their enthusiasm over that one ;-)

Hugs and slobbers from HS & ES!!

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