Our 1/2 Year Unbirthdays!

Can you believe I've existed for the past 2 1/2 years on this planet? And that my little sister has already been here 6 months??

So, Things I can do as an official 2 1/2 year old (AKA, things they don't mention in the "What to Expect" books):

  • Stand on one foot -- literally! When M&D ask me to stand on one foot, I place my left foot on top of my right and literally "stand on one foot."
  • Stand at the top of the slide at the playground and dictate who can go down (and up).
  • Make "pancakes" out of bark chips at the playground. "Feed" various passerbyers if I'm feeling generous.
  • Finish the last word of sentences in most of my books (um, we really need some new books around here???)
  • Open the refrigerator and take out/put away my sippie drinks (M&D not thrilled about this one).
  • Go through my very own mail at the end of the day (I get alot of credit card offers and donation requests - go figure).
  • Hold a 5+ minute conversation on the phone about various toddler topics with various grandparents.

    And, Things Esme Claire can do as an official 6-month-old (AKA, fun baby tricks):
  • Sit up without toppling over.
  • Eat rice cereal, carrots, peas and pears (her favorite). Scream between bites because mama is not quite fast enough with the spoon.
  • Grab anything within a 1 foot radius of herself, be it a toy, someone's dinner or someone's hair.
  • Laugh hysterically at my crazy antics.
  • Smile real big at anyone and everyone that even halfway glances her way.

  • So, here's to another half year of baby milestones and crazy toddler antics!!

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