Guess What Daddy Got Mommy?!?!

PREGNANT!! Yep, I'm gonna be a big brother! I'm hoping they birth something fun like a kitty or parakeet. Mama had an ultrasound Friday and came home with pictures of what looked like a little otter, so I'm pretty excited! I think it'll be fun to have a little sister. I'll always have someone to play with and laugh at my jokes. And since I'll be 2 when she gets here, M&D will have an exponential increase in diaper changes (I can show her how to wiggle out of their grasp and run around the house stark naked). Mama is finally getting her little shopping buddy so she's happy and has recently taken a second mortgage on the house to pay for all the cute girlie clothes that she could never buy for me. It would be extra nice if she comes out sleeping through the night, because we're getting quite spoiled by our current luxurious lifestyle (I slept in until 7:30 this morning!!!).

Mama had morning sickness pretty bad, and I had a lot of fun imitating her. Nothing like a toddler standing beside you making gagging noises while you toss your cookies first thing in the morning (I'm always good for a laugh around here). Due date is Feb 27, 2006 - don't quote me on that. I was born Feb 21, so it'll make for some interesting birthday party planning on mama's part... Hey, if NewBaby is the baby of the family, what does that make me?

Pondering my babyhood status,

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