A Day in the Life...

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I don't remember exactly what provoked this, but here is a picture of me having a time out. One of my first. I'm pretty good about it - I sit on the rug by the sink and contemplate my bad deed while one full minute of my life ticks away on the clock overhead. I've found that "bad" is a relative term, and M&D and I are still trying to figure out just what warrants the dreaded time out. So far the only thing that's earned my time on the rug is running into the street. And that's BAD. Luckily, just a warning of a time out usually works well enough for the not-so-bad stuff. I'm finding there's a lot of grey area in toddlerhood.

So our Santa BlahBlah trip is about a week away! And after that, M&D are planning a fun weekend getaway to celebrate daddy's bday - SANS TODDLER!! Why anybody would want to go anywhere without their toddler is beyond me, but...whatever floats their boat!! I will be just as happy at home with Tutu and Kitty all to myself.


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