My newest latest and greatest thing: I can sing the ABC's!!! Well, the condensed toddler version... It goes like this:

Mama: a,b,c,d,e,f
Holden: geeeeeeee. Aych.
M: i,j,k
H: elmo. peeeeeeeeee.
M: q,r,s,t,u
H: veeeeeeeeee.
M: w
H: ecks
M: y
H: zeeeeeeee. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (clap, clap, applause, thank you, thank you)

I am getting excited about my approaching trip to Santa BlahBlah. I hear Gamma & Gampa have a tangerine tree right in their backyard, so I plan on spending LOTS of time back there...and mama plans on bringing LOTS of butt balm to deal with citrus-induced diaper rash.

Mama is quickly becoming educated in all things baby couture. I mean, look at this. And this and this. And THIS! How could you NOT spend your entire savings on this stuff??? I actually hate shopping and scream if I'm strolled anywhere near baby Gap, so I entirely approve of her latest online shopping addiction (although I wouldn't have minded a pair of these when I was a robeez-wearer!!)


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