Goats (not bugs)


That bug picture was creeping me out so I'm posting a few shots from our goat farm adventure today. Goats trump bugs anyday.



We had goat milk ice cream: super yummy! It doesn't taste goat-y at all!



I adore goats and their unfussy, aloof ways. I always thought it would be fun to have one roaming around, nibbling the lawn, keeping us all in check. But I learned today that they are browsers, not grazers as I thought (they prefer to snack on the tips of woody shrubs and leaves). Bummer. Seems sheep are the lawn mowers and I'm not a big fan of the sheep sooooo, livestockless we will remain for the time being (although I've been eyeing some mighty fine chicken coops around blogland lately. Hmmmmm....)

Happy weekend everyone!


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Much better!! :) Glad to see the sun was shining for your adventure!

Tammie said...

so much cuter than the bugs.

stepstep said...

WAYYYYYYY better pix! where is that goat farm as tom & i would like to partake in the gloating of the goats :)

Jessica said...

I love goats! They are totally my favorite farm animal. And goat's milk ice cream sounds so tasty!

nicola said...

i just found my way to you through a comment on soule mama. you have a lovely blog and it looks like we visit many of the same places online!

Philigry said...

know, i have wanted a goat too. they are so sweet, and i love goat cheese!
the chickens!!! keep thinking about it. they are so much fun!

Simply Stork said...

we went with the chickens...although we did have a thought or two about goats...I would love to have some fresh goats milk...