Craft Book Challenge: April (in May)


Just in time for May, here is April’s Craft Book Challenge project: quilted coasters from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. And Last Minute they definitely were – I finished sewing them as a birthday gift for my BFF a half hour before she arrived. Whew.

These were so fun and easy, I’d highly recommend making them. The concentric quilting is mesmerizingly relaxing and the construction fast and easy. It took me less than an hour to make 4 coasters (not counting the humming and hawing over the perfect fabric choice for BFF).


The only part I struggled with was inserting the batting into the sewn fabric pocket. This would probably be easy for normal people, but I go bonkers over dreaded tasks like putting the comforter inside the duvet cover. Once I finally decided to listen to that annoying voice in my head that said, “it’s just a coaster. Leave it be” things improved. And those little bumps and tucks disappear once it’s quilted anyway. Yeah, I need to listen to that little voice of reason more often.

Anyway, BFF hearted them and agreed that I should have a matching pair, so I’ll definitely be revisiting this pattern.

Happy birthday, sweet goil. And go fuzzballs!!


Unknown said...

So cute! I love the quilting, around and around, like that :) Can't wait to see your set!?

Anonymous said...

i hate putting the comforter inside the duvet cover!! is there a trick i dont know about to make it go in easily?!?! am i missing something?

the coasters are lovely. :)

stepstep said...

heehee - hooray fuzzballs!!!!! thank you sweet soul sista!! and yes everyone out in the "virtual" world, my talented bff is correct - i LOVE my coasters oh so much! xoxoxo

kraftykash said...

What a fun gift for your friend. The hardest part is picking the fabric...great Craft Book project.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lovely coasters! The quilting design is very effective.

Jessica said...

That is totally the way to describe quilting like that--mesmerizing!!!

Philigry said...

oh, i love your coasters! so much fun to make. I folded my batting in half, then tucked it in. it helped a little, i thought it was frustrating too, though.
yours look great!

Julie said...

I love how you whipped them out. It would take me years to make one. I wish I lived close enough to learn from you. I know common theme in my comments. I just miss one of my favorite in-laws!!!