Cookie meatballs + quilt blocks


After reading Mary Beth's post yesterday and noticing that "make cookies" mysteriously appeared on our day's to-do list (ahem), I decided it was time to take the Clean Food Cookie plunge. Or make "meatball cookies" as Holden later declared them.


Ahh, that's a better, non-meatball-y shot (somewhat).

I was so glad to see the footnote about using unsweetened carob chips because I have an overflowing jar-full that I mistakenly bought awhile back and haven't been able to coerce my kids into eating. But it looks like chocolate!!!???? No dice from my chocolate purist children.

I changed a couple things. Ok, that's not true -- I changed a lot of things, but the cookies are still the same in spirit, right?

  • used white whole wheat flour
  • swapped cardamom for the cinnamon
  • used 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 canola oil
  • used brown sugar instead of maple syrup (didn't have any on hand, otherwise I'm all about the maple syrup)
  • used pecans instead of walnuts
  • used unsweetened carob chips instead of the chocolate

  • The sweet, patient cookies stood up to all my wacky changes (whew) and are delicious.


    In crafty news, I finished Kathryn's requested 9-patch block for 12 square,


    and here is the state of my 12 square quilt. I arranged the blocks on my bed (ala Kristina) and am trying to figure out what color sashing to use, if any. Any suggestions? It's a little confusing with my bedspread down there in the lower left and the light solid is blue, not white.


    Speaking of blocks, here's a teeny peek at a quilt that I've started for a very special someone. Working with these fabrics instantly raises my spirits because who can be grumpy around these colors?


    Angela said...

    I just came over from Simply Stork and have enjoyed poking around your blog a bit. I can't wait to get a little more time to check out your quilts a little more closely!

    Jessica said...

    What about a pink like in the larger print you sent? I think it would tie everything together nicely and make the squares pop with the green, teal, and purples! I also made those cookies this past weekend and they ROCKED!

    kristena marie said...

    Your quilt's gonna be amazing! I'm also lovin' the purple & orange. You've got some great fabrics in there! So cheery!

    A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

    Love your new quilt blocks - tge purple and orange are so pretty and girly. Your oaty carob cookies look delicious.

    Philigry said...

    those cookies look so good! love the blocks too. your quilt is going to be so pretty. I always love sashing!

    kathryn said...

    i love all of the blues you added to my block. and that pop of red is oh so good!! thank you so much melissa!

    maybe a linen sashing for your twelve square quilt?

    Journeying Five said...

    love the nine patch and the bright lavender/orange blocks!

    kraftykash said...

    Those colors are so fun! Cookies are always yummy...to me.

    Anonymous said...

    Those cookies look delicious! I love the polka dots in your 9 patch- so cheery.

    Amy - Park City Girl said...

    Pretty colors! Special someone -- Esme?? Your blocks from the swap look great - personally I'm not a fan of sashing . . . but that's me :)

    nicola said...

    yum. ummm...yum.
    and beautiful blocks.
    next challenge for me: quilting.