Nutty Hippy Hummus


Holden weighed in at 5% for weight at his 5yo check up last week. He’s been in the string bean category his whole life so his doctor isn’t worried, but his poor mama worries constantly. Both kids will eat fruits and veggies until the cows come home, but instantly turn their cute little button noses up at anything resembling a calorie.

So I’ve been relying heavily these days on our old standbys: peanut butter and hummus (not together).

I thought I’d share my super easy fast & yummy hummus recipe in case you have little protein snubbers as well (or, if you just so happen to like hummus)

But first, I must share these conversations between Holden and his nurse because they had me laughing off that tiny chair in the pediatrician’s office.

Nurse (in sing-songy nurse-talking-to-preschooler voice): Can you count to ten?
Holden (in exasperated why-is-she-asking-me-this voice): onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten. What’s that thing around your neck?
N: It’s a stethoscope. Can you draw a triangle in the air with your finger?
H: (drawing triangle in air with finger) What’s a thethostope do?
N: It listens to your insides. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
H: Two. My insides, like my brain? (pause) Did you hear that?
N: Hear what?
H: My thinking.
N: No. I can just hear things like your heart pumping and your lungs breathing.
H: Ok. Good. (!!!??? I was too afraid to ask)

And then later:

N: Can you dress yourself?
H: Yes.
N: Can you climb?
H: Yes.
N: Can you skip?
H: (pause) oh yeah: one…three…five…seven…nine…

OK, thanks for humoring me! Here’s the recipe!

Nutty Hippy Hummus

Handful of nuts (walnuts preferred but I’ve used pecans, almonds and cashews in a pinch)
Can of garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed.
A couple glugs of olive oil
A clove of garlic (use more if you like garlic. my kids aren’t fond of it so I use it sparingly)
About 2 tsp curry powder

1. Process the nuts in the food processor for a couple seconds. I like to leave mine fairly large, like lentil-sized. Don’t process too much or you’ll get nut butter!
2. Take the nuts out!!! Don’t skip this step, otherwise you’ll have hummus-y nut butter.
3. Add the garbanzo beans, olive oil, garlic and curry powder. Process until smooth, about 1 minute.
4. The trick to creamy hummus is water! Add a few tablespoons at a time and process until you get the desired consistency.
5. Stir the nuts back in and salt to taste.
5. Eat with chips, pita, celery, fingers…whatever.

And speaking of star wars (not), check these out. So Funny. MTFBWY and happy weekend!



kraftykash said...

Happy Weekend to you! Sounds like a fun visit to the Doctors office! We have a problem at our house with too many calories. :)

Anonymous said...

i love hummus. i can get my son to eat but the girl is not interested.

i just had to google what mtfbwy meant.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It must be wonderful to have children who happily eat their fruit and vegies :) Holden's lego creations are wonderful! My 14 yr old son still loves his Lego - mainly the Lego Mindstorms that he can build and program.

Lori said...

oh. my. goodness. he is hilarious!!!

i'm glad they can't hear *my* thinking at the dr's office too!!!!

Jessica said...

Holden is the must humorous guy! Hummus is my favorite!

patricia said...

That doctor's office conversation is priceless. I love how Holden is humoring her, and a step ahead of her throughout the entire conversation. He is clearly one smart cookie!

Unknown said...

Love his conversations! Too cute :) love hummus too.