Summer revisited -- bullfrog roundup


Some images from our recent bullfrog roundup -- a day spent amongst the reeds, muck, cloudbursts and sparkling waters of Whitaker Ponds.



Organized by Portland Parks and Rec, the intent was to gather American Bullfrogs, an invasive, non-native bully of the ponds, so that the native species have a chance to thrive. The frogs are either donated to the zoo (mountain lion lunch) or kept by PP&R for educational purposes.



So with nets in hand and waders on feet, we headed toward the murky waters of frogdom. The day cooperated by providing wonderful lighting for us photo-oppers, but the frogs must have caught wind of our frog-napping intentions as the group only caught one feeble-looking, bug-eyed little guy.


Or, quite possibly, their little tympanic membranes picked up the thunderous, giggly approach of excited frog-catchers and they decided to lay low and watch the antics of the day.

Smart frogs.


Jessica said...

I did something like that years ago...we went to the beach to catch some sort of unfriendly fish or something so that the local ones could have a fighting chance. The only thing I remember was that it was super early in the morning!

lisa solomon said...

how cute are all the kids lined up on the pier?

bullfrogs kind of creep me out.... :)

Julie said...

What a neat project and a fun way the kids can help the ecosystem. So glad you are back to blogging, I missed you.

Unknown said...

Such great photos! I love E's curls :) Sounds like a fab day~ what did you end up deciding about kinder?

patricia said...

Your posts always make me miss Portland. Those shots on the dock are just stunning!

Yay! You're back to blogging!

Nicola said...

how fun! and the light in your photos is wonderful. there is a balance and brightness. i love it.

Nishant said...

how cute are all the kids lined up on the pier!!
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