For the inquiries regarding my sister's bowel habits (or lack therof)...Yes, she finally pooped after 7 days. And miraculously, it wasn't the huge blowout we expected. Just a delicate, mustardy little load inside her sweet little diaper. Unlike me, Esme is just not a pooper. (I, on the other hand, went 3 times today).

School is going well. The novelty has worn off a little and I've decided to resume napping. Little e and I are actually beginning to give mama a break and coordinate our napping schedule. Mama's much too frazzled to "nap when the babies nap" as everyone tells her to do, but she's working on it. Right now she's content to just sit on the couch and stare into space (she's careful to stare UP and not DOWN at the incredible mess that is our home).

And, big boy that I am, M&D bought me a little seat that fits on the back of daddy's bike. It's pretty nifty to be able to sit back, relax and wave to the passing neighbors while daddy bikes me around. I offerred to do the biking and let daddy sit back there, but he didn't think my feet would reach the pedals. Maybe next month...


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