It's 7:47pm (hey I should be in bed!) and my weatherbug says it's 70 degrees outside! Once again, Portland is skipping spring and heading straight into summer. It's ok with me as it means park days and stroller rides galore.

So guess where I went on Tuesday...SCHOOL!! Yep, M&D decided that I needed some socialization in a somewhat structured environment (what's wrong with staying in our pajamas until 4pm???), so now I go to school 2 days a week. I guess "school" is an overstatement. It's more of a toddler utopia...jungle gym, sandbox, bunnies, playdough, paints, hairdressing station, 'tactile' station (huge bowl of flaxseed), playhouses...the list goes on and on. There's even a toddler-height sink in the pottyroom to encourage my current OCD-like handwashing obsession. What more could you want?? (OK, Mommy wishes I'd take a nap there, but could YOU nap in the middle of nirvana?) We're even growing baby chickens under heat lamps for peeps sake!!

Baby Esme is on her 4th poopless day today. We're finding an inverse relationship between the amount of smiles and the days she goes without pooping. So send some poop vibes her way!!!


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