Words Words.

Still no pictures because daddy is in charge of pictures and he's frantically trying to get the basement ready for our new carpet tomorrow! Once that's done, I promise to post some pics...even if I have to take over the picture transferring process my very own self!!

Gamma sent me a Christmas book today (thanks gamma!) I was convinced that the white bearded man in the red suit was Gampa and ignored mama's insistance that it was some guy named Santa Claws. It was so obviously Gampa, I don't know what mama's been smoking.

For all you that have been asking about new baby's name, we've decided to name her KICKY. All she does is kick kick kick all day and night and even gave me a good kick in the ribs tonight when we were reading our nigh-nigh books. Sibling rivalry is already beginning...

Good night allllllllllll!

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