Meet Pear Bear

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This is my newest most favoritest creature...Pear Bear (so named for his loveable Pear-y shape). M&D bought him on their honeymoon, and I have since adopted him as my 'peary' own. PB and I do everything together...read, eat, sleep, push buttons, wave bye-bye...and PB even has his very own taggie to sleep with at night. And daddy loves when I 'talk' my PB (since daddy doesn't speak PBese, he doesn't know that Pear Bear is actually making fun of him).

Pear Bear has recently gotten into a bit of trouble, because it seems he can't keep his peary little paws off the newly assembled Christmas tree. How can you blame him??? Something so big, fuzzy and sparkly just screams to be grabbed, shaken and drooled upon. How can you expect a toddler...errr, a PEAR BEAR to stay away from such an amazing object?

Anyway, just wanted to post a quick hi to introduce my buddy and give a sneak peak at this year's Christmas Card pic. Watch your mailbox for a Christmas Cow near you!!!

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