70th Avenue Tricycle Gang

Originally uploaded by melmelmel.

That's the name of my soon-to-be gang of tricycle-toting toddlers. And this is fearsome ME on my new tricycle. Aren't I the fiercest?? Grrrrrr.

My favorite pasttimes these days are:
Riding my new tricycle
Pushing my new tricycle around the house
Standing on my new tricycle when nobody's looking
Attempting to drive my new tricycle over kitty
Throwing tantrums if M&D make me do anything non-tricycle related

M&D have started preparing me (and themselves) for a trip to Santa BlahBlah in October. They are terrified of taking me on an airplane, but I can't wait! Can you think of anything more grand than spending two straight hours on an airplane with a nap-deprived toddler? I wonder if they'll let me bring my tricycle.



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