birthdays & such


Saturday was Holden’s fifth birthday. If you told me five years ago that my sweet little newborn with his punchy little arms and kicky little legs would someday be five, I would not have believed you. I probably wouldn’t have understood you anyway due to sleep deprivation.


Sunday was Esme’s third birthday. Ditto on the disbelief that my sweet, sleepy newborn would be three someday. In the three days that she’s been three, she’s already had a lifetime’s worth of tantrums and nuclear meltdowns. I remember this when Holdden turned three, too. What is it about turning three that makes people insane (but incredibly cute)?


The top hit birthday gifts this year were: 1. a thriftstore-bought kid-sized sewing machine that doesn’t work quite right 2. a set of thriftstore-bought screwdrivers to take apart said sewing machine (when the novelty of trying to make it work wears off) and 3. brian’s old legos, complete with already-constructed-by-childhood-bri spacecars and other lego-y contraptions.


Random: there’s a spider living in the dashboard of our car. I’ll get a funny feeling like someone’s staring at me while I’m driving and I’ll look down to find Herman staring up at me. I named him to reduce the creepy factor.

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes! Now that birthdays are out of the way, I'm shifting back to craft and cooking mode and can't wait to peruse my two new bday gifts. And I haven't forgotten about Craft Book Challenge. Nosiree. I have Feb's project done and a post all thunk up in my head, just gotta get them out the door. It's a race to the end of the month!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday WhatKnot children!

I've always meant to tell you how much I love their Salinger-esque names.

kraftykash said...

Happy Birthday kiddos! My kids are born 4 yrs and 3 days apart. Enjoy that boy now, beacause they sure do get sassy! Mine is 13 and 2 steps away from losing all freedom at my house!! :)

Jessica said...

My sister's and my birthday are just a day apart and that is one of those little things in life that I just love! It looks like your birthday celebrations were oodles of fun.

Unknown said...

so glad your little ones had special days! Time does fly :) That pic of Esme is too cute! Lookin' forward to seeing what's next.

mary grace said...

i'm running behind on the craft challenge as well... who knew that february would go by so quickly! yikes!! :)

Julie said...

I love the "theme" of Holden's party, what a shocker! Happy birthday to both the kids, wish we could have celebrated with you all.

lisa solomon said...

happy b-day to your littles.
i can't imagine 3 or 5 and yes i am sleep deprived!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Happy birthday to your little people - looks like they had brilliant birthdays!! I am sure Holden will love his dad's Lego. My husband kept his too and it is great to see another generation enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

My boys (6 and 4) are all over the Legos! I loved them well into my teen years, too.
Happy Birthday to both of your little ones!

Mich said...

OMG, your kids are like giants. I cannot believe how old they're getting (of course, Zoe and Zelda aren't growing at all)! We took Zelda bowling for her 6th birthday -- hilarious how long it took the ball to get the pins for their gentle kiss!

Lori said...

best birthday wishes :^)

Anonymous said...

Happy B.day to your little ones! I understand completely about not being able to imagine our babies as big guys. Someone gave me a 2 year old jumper at my shower and I thought she was an idiot.