Bouncing Toddler

I am into making sentences these days, and busting them out faster than my little mouth can say them. Some favorites so far:

Hi baby chicken (my first sentence)
My butt poop
Poop in here (pointing to diaper)
Daddy's shoes outside
Daddy's shoes stinky
Holden shoes on peeeeez
Holden brushing daddy's hair (longest sentence ever!!)

I may have others, but they become lost on M&D's untrained ears.

M&D and I went shopping for a big boy bed today. We came home with a nice bouncy one, along with a new raspberry on my forehead from test-bouncing all the mattresses. We also got me some new sheets and a guard rail to keep me from flying out of bed at night. Now we just need the courage to let me try sleeping in it (and potentially giving up my perfect 12-hour a night sleeping sessions!)

Aren't I a big boy??

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